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Finding a town or neighborhood that offers everything you desire can be a challenge. Families want a safe and friendly place to raise their kids; young adults want places to hang out and shop as well as a sense of belonging in the community. Some people like the suburban life but don’t necessarily want to become a stereotype. Thankfully, there is a town here in Memphis that has all of that and more.


Collierville sits right on the edge of the Mississippi state line and is just a half-hour drive from the heart of Memphis. It sits right in between the rural areas of Piperton and Eads and the more city-like atmosphere of Germantown and Cordova, and fortunately, it got the perfect mix of the two sectors. The town is a blend of a historic, small-town feel with the slightest of a modern twist when it comes to shopping and restaurants. There’s a plethora of local restaurants and boutiques as well as the outdoor mall of Carriage Crossing. Locals love the fact that they have local businesses and restaurants to become familiar with and claim them as their own. Residents love living in Collierville for many reasons: the excellent school system, the impressive parks and facilities, small town feel, and beautiful neighborhoods. The town practically sells itself!

City of Collierville mural with Collierville water tower in the distance

Collierville’s neighborhoods lay on the outskirts of the more busy area of the city. Some people are concerned about moving into “cookie-cutter” houses when moving to a suburban town, but that’s not a worry with Collierville. Each house has plenty of space for children or pets, and are very seemingly built for raising kids. It’s not uncommon to drive through a neighborhood and see kids playing in their front yard or riding bikes or people walking their dogs. It’s a very safe place to live and the ideal location to raise a family. listed Collierville as one of the “Safest Cities in Tennessee, ” and other publications have listed Collierville as the “Best City in Tennessee for Job Seekers” and one of the “Top Cities In Tennessee.”

The local restaurants are home to some very loyal customers! There is a good mix of both fine and casual dining, so you’re sure to find something that pleases everyone! The more casual local favorites include Huey’s, a Memphis chain that claims the “World Famous Huey Burger,” Skybox, a gastropub with divine Fried Moon Pies, and Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. Some fine dining options include Jim’s Place Grill, Firebird’s Wood Fired Grill, and 148 North. There are also several popular chains in the area, but residents tend to prefer their local burger or barbecue joints. There are also plenty of dessert restaurants and bakeries, such as Micco’s Sno Cones, Frost, and Mensi’s Dairy Bar, so there are many options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fried moon pies with salted caramel ice cream in Collierville

The Fried Moon Pies with Salted Caramel Ice Cream at Collierville’s SkyBox Grill!

Collierville has an all-star school system that has just been revamped. Collierville Schools separated from Shelby County Schools in 2014 to form their education system. The school system has been ranked with a nine out of ten, and there are five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school in the area. Collierville has recently undergone some changes that make the 2018-2019 school year very exciting: a brand new high school is being built that will be able to house 3,000+ if needed, and the previous high school will now be used as Collierville Middle School. The reason for this transition was to accompany the growing number of students that will be going to into middle school and high school, and the 50-acre high school is not large enough for over 2,100 students! The 2018-2019 school year will be the first year that the new high school will be used, and families all over the community are excited about this change, with brand new facilities and a larger area to expand on as well.



Collierville water tower with the town squareCollierville is known for its historic town square. It was voted by Parade Magazine as the “#1 Main Street in America” and for a good reason. Collierville’s square is home to many shops and a few restaurants. A beautiful white gazebo sits in the middle, and has hosted many prom pictures, proposals, and weddings! A stretch of train tracks runs right through the midst of the square and into the town. It truly does remind you of a city square right out of an old movie, with all the charm of yesteryear you would hope for. It houses restaurants such as the Silver Caboose, Dyer’s Burgers, and Square Beans Coffee. It is also home to a few local stores, such as C.J. Lilly and Hewlett and Dunn Jean and Boot Barn. Every summer, the town puts on “Sunset on the Square,” a weekly concert that takes place right in the middle of the square. Families put out lawn chairs throughout the day of the concert (and no, they never get stolen!), and around sunset, people gather for music and food provided by one of the food trucks set up or from the boxed dinners made by Simply Done Catering, complete with cupcakes! Every winter, the square gets decked out in one of the most dazzling light displays in West Tennessee. The gazebo and all of the trees, light posts, and bushes surrounding it are covered in strands of soft white lights, and residents flock to the square, and a large crowd gathers and chants the countdown for the lights to come on for the first time of the year. There are ongoing efforts to keep up the historic nature of the downtown area, and it was even recognized by the White House as one of America’s “Preserve America Communities.” It’s no secret that the town square is the crowning jewel of Collierville, Tennessee!


Are you convinced to move here yet? Collierville is one of the best communities in Memphis and Tennessee, and residents would be just as quick to tell you as I would. If you’d like to see more about Collierville, click here. If you’re interested in checking out Collierville’s listings, visit our website, or give me a call at 901.756.8900.