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Getting ready to put your home on the market can be a stressful situation, with lots of time, energy, and sometimes even money going into getting the house in tip-top shape before selling. The condition and appearance of your home can significantly affect the selling price you’ll ultimately receive, so putting your home on the market without analyzing what you can do to make it as appealing as possible isn’t an option!

Your home will be showcased both in person and online, and prospective buyers will form a fast opinion of your home based on these first impressions. The JudyMac Team of Crye-Leike Realtors is invested in your success as a seller, so we’ve put together this pre-listing to make sure your home reaches its full potential – and sells for the highest price possible, in the shortest time possible.

Pre-listing Checklist

To get the best price out of your house, you’ll want to start by making sure it looks its best, inside and out. This checklist offers a wide range of items to consider in order to improve a potential buyer’s first impression, which is, of course, the only impression that matters! Not everything on this list may apply to you, but as a whole, it can help you get a sense of what to emphasize, and what might need a little TLC before making the move to put your home on the market.



  • Pressure wash your entire house’s exterior, as well as the driveway, walkways, fences, patios, and pool deck if you have one
  • Repaint the siding, fascia, or any other woodwork if the paint is faded, cracked, or peeling
  • Repair any wood rot around the fascia or exterior door frames
  • Wash all windows and replace any torn screens if applicable
  • Trim all trees, hedges, and shrubs
  • Remove weeds from flower beds
  • Mulch where needed
  • Weed and feed your lawn
  • Replace any areas of dead sod
  • In the spring and summer, keep irrigation in good working order so your lawn stays lush
  • Replace any burned out landscape lights
  • Remove clutter like garbage cans, garden tools, toys, etc.
  • Replace your mailbox if it’s old or worn out



  • Be sure your doorbell and exterior lights are in good working order
  • Replace any welcome mats that are worn out
  • Repaint front door if needed
  • Clear the entry of any clutter



  • Repaint and/or touch up the walls and ceilings if needed
  • Shampoo carpet if needed and have hardwood floors gleaming
  • Replace carpet if necessary
  • Remove any excess or unattractive furniture
  • Clean and dust curtains, shutters, and blinds
  • Dust all ceiling fans and lights
  • Clean fireplace, mantle, and any shelving
  • Replace old and/or mismatched bedding and linens
  • Declutter all closets to make them look larger
  • Replace outdated lighting and ceiling fans



  • Replace any leaking or outdated faucets and fixtures
  • Update cabinet hardware
  • Replace Formica with granite or quartz
  • Touch up paint as needed
  • Thoroughly clean your oven or range, refrigerator, and other appliances
  • Clear out and thoroughly clean all cabinets, drawers, and medicine chests
  • Keep clutter off the countertops
  • Clean tile and grout
  • Replace any missing or mildewed caulking



  • Repaint any area of the deck that is worn or scratched
  • Replace any old or warped outdoor ceiling fans
  • Pressure wash the pool cage and patio areas
  • Refinish any damaged or worn pool finishes
  • Replace or remove all worn and broken patio furniture



  • Replace every burned-out lightbulb (this is very important for photos!)
  • Clear cobwebs from corners and doorways
  • Wash light switches, hand rails, and doorknobs
  • Add welcoming touches like potted plants, scented candles, etc.


Before every showing

  • Keep your lawn freshly cut and manicured in spring, summer, and early fall
  • Pick up any tools or toys from the yard
  • Put garbage cans in the garage
  • Close the garage door
  • Park extra cars on the street or around corner
  • Clear clutter off counters and table tops
  • Turn on all lights, including lamps and ceiling fans
  • Open shades and curtains
  • Give the house a pleasant aroma with fresh baked cookies or a fire in the fireplace
  • Vacuum all floors
  • Make all beds
  • Fold bathroom towels
  • Set thermostat at a comfortable temperature
  • Remove any pets from the house

Our team is happy to do a walk-through of your house and offer suggestions on how to get it ready for optimal showing!