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In Tune Along the Way

When you purchase a home in Memphis, there are certain steps you can expect to keep you "in tune" along the way:

Getting acquainted

Expect to spend some time with me discussing your housing needs. Together we determine the preferred location, style, size, features, schools, and other important issues. I then locate a variety of suitable homes for you to choose from.


My goal is the same as your goal: to find the perfect home for you. To that end, I set up a "pre-qualification" interview with a mortgage lender before beginning your search. If you know your exact financial limits, you will feel more comfortable during your home search and have more clout in negotiations because financially qualified buyers are generally received more favorably by sellers. I want to make sure you have every advantage in purchasing your home.

Beginning the search

Your time is valuable. My staff and I research and identify the most desirable homes which match your requirements - including homes on the market in the last twenty-four hours. It is important to locates the "hot" properties which frequently sell very quickly.

Previewing homes

To save you needless viewings, I frequently call the listing agent or personally preview some or all of the homes, eliminating those, which upon closer investigation, do not meet your requirements.


I set up all the showing appointments, allowing plenty of time to inspect each of the homes. I arrange for travel to from the homes and promise a fun-filled, house hunting experience!


To make the process smoother, I give you a "home features checklist" where you can record your comments on the pros and cons of each home. Your feedback provides the information necessary to narrow the search to just the right home for you.

Second visits

After viewing a variety of homes, two or three will stand out to you as the most likely candidates. I make the necessary arrangements for a return visit to these homes, allowing plenty of time for a more thorough inspection of each one.

Making the choice

Once you have logically narrowed the search to the homes which suit you, you can relax and make an informed decision. Feel safe and secure knowing that Judy will be by your side, holding your hand and guiding your path to your new home.

Earnest money

When you decide on the home you wish to purchase, you make a written offer accompanied by an "earnest" money check. The amount of earnest money reflects the sincerity of the buyers' intentions to complete a purchase. In the Memphis area the expected amount of your earnest money check ranges from 1-2% of the purchase price.

Purchase agreement

Your written offer is called a Purchase Agreement. Your purchase agreement states the price offered, details of financing, possession date, settlement (closing) date and other conditions of the sale. I counsel and assist you, of course, through this entire procedure.


I manage all paperwork involved which includes:

  • A business disclosure agreement detailing my fiduciary responsibilities to you, the customer, and in what capacity I represent you in this transaction.
  • A seller's property disclosure form detailing all pertinent items that relate to the property and any known defects of the property.


I present your purchase agreement to the sellers' agent along with support information justifying your offering price. The seller's agent then "works" the offer with the seller and conveys their response to me. This process is repeated with counter offers until a successful agreement on price and terms is reached.

Mortgage application

Once the agreement is reached by all parties, I arrange for you to meet again with the mortgage company to complete your application for finance. Detailed employment history information and financial records are required for this step. I will give you a list, prior to your visit to Memphis, of the records you need to collect for the mortgage company. Now you can sit back and relax while I manage your transaction to a successful conclusion, making sure that all inspections, appraisals, and paperwork are completed in order for you to close on the date you and the seller have agreed upon.


Now you can sit back and relax while I manage your transaction to a successful conclusion, making sure that all inspections, appraisals, and paperwork are completed in order for you to close on the date you and the seller have agreed upon.

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