Get to Know Downtown Memphis

Do you crave a lifestyle where you have everything that you could ever want or need right outside your door? Get to know Downtown Memphis with the JudyMac team, and you’ll soon see that there’s no other city you’d rather be in!

Budget-Friendly City Life!

Are you dreaming of city life in Tennessee but worried about the cost? Downtown Memphis, Tennessee’s second-largest city, is your answer. It’s a hidden gem where your dollar stretches further than you’d think. In Downtown Memphis, you can enjoy the perks of city living without the financial stress.

First, let’s talk about housing. Whether renting or buying, Downtown Memphis offers options that are kinder to your wallet than many other cities. You can find cozy apartments or spacious homes that won’t cost a fortune. And the best part? The value of properties here is on the rise. So, investing now could mean financial benefits for the future.

Day-to-day living costs matter, too. Groceries, utilities, and even fun outings in Downtown Memphis come with a friendlier price tag. And let’s not forget about transportation. With many places within walking or biking distance, you can save a lot on fuel and car maintenance. Plus, the Memphis Area Transit Authority offers the quaint Main Street Trolley line plus budget-friendly options to get anywhere within a 300-mile radius.

Always Something To Do!

You’ll never be bored when you live in Downtown Memphis! Memphis offers a wealth of activities that are light on the pocket but heavy on enjoyment. Every corner of the city offers a new experience.

  • Hungry? There are upscale Michelin-star restaurants for special occasions and endless budget-friendly local eateries. From mouth-watering BBQ joints to cozy cafes, there’s a plate for every palate, craving, and mood. For groceries, Downtown, South Point Grocery and Cordelia's Market are excellent & convenient choices.
  • Love Art and History? Art enthusiasts will enjoy the city’s numerous galleries, showcasing unique pieces and talented artists. Memphis is also home to the famous Orpheum Theater, a testament to Memphis’s love for the performing arts, with shows that cater to diverse tastes. Most of these venues also offer free days or ticket deals, so you don’t have to choose between savings and hobbies.
  • Prefer The Outdoors? With its expansive green spaces, Tom Lee Park is a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. It’s a favorite spot for locals and visitors to relax and enjoy the views of the Mississippi River. The park also hosts multiple events throughout the year and is constantly being upgraded, so keep an eye out for something you’d be interested in!
  • Want Live Music? Music is the soul of Memphis, and the city’s numerous venues resonate with melodies ranging from blues to rock. And if you’re in the mood for outdoor music, the city’s festivals offer a blend of music, food, and community spirit.
  • Love Shopping ’Til You Drop? Shopping enthusiasts will appreciate the unique finds in local shops and markets, each offering items that capture the essence of Memphis. 
  • Need Baseball? Nothing beats the excitement of a Redbirds baseball game. Check their calendar frequently because there are special events and promotions you won’t want to miss!
  • Want To See Other Live Events? The FedEx Forum is the home of the Memphis Grizzlies, our NBA basketball team, and our Division 1 college basketball team, Memphis Tigers. At the FedEx Forum, you can also see world-famous comedians, monster truck shows, concerts, boxing, wrestling, and many other events for the whole family!
  • Love Architectural Marvels And Want To Entertain The Whole Family In One Place? Downtown Memphis is home to the ninth-largest pyramid in the world! In 2015, Bass Pro opened a spectacular store in the pyramid, complete with a hotel, three restaurants, a bowling alley, an archery and pistol range, video games, an aquarium, and a 28-story high viewing deck! 
  • And if, for some reason, you have to leave Memphis, whether for work or fun, you’re not far from the airport! This proximity also allows you to host out-of-town guests easily and cross out-of-town items off your bucket and to-do list!

Nationally Recognized Nightlife!

Downtown Memphis comes alive when the sun sets. Beale Street is a must-visit, with live music, neon lights, local shops, and delicious restaurants. The street hosts theme nights, like Bike Night on Beale and Hot Rods on Beale, so you can pick and choose your favorites or see a new side of Memphis. 

But the iconic street is just the beginning. Beyond Beale, the city offers a myriad of nightlife options. There’s a spot for every vibe, from intimate jazz clubs to trendy rooftop bars. Whether you’re in the mood for live music, craft cocktails, or just a laid-back evening, Downtown Memphis ensures your nights are as vibrant as your days.

Discover Rich History.

Civil Rights Museum

The National Civil Rights Museum at the former Lorraine Motel is a reminder of the city’s role in the civil rights movement. It’s a place where history meets emotion, chronicling the struggles and triumphs of those who fought for equality.


One of the most striking features of this development is the city’s commitment to art. Beautiful murals adorn the walls of buildings, turning the city into a vibrant canvas. These artworks beautify the urban landscape, tell stories, reflect cultural diversity, and inspire creativity.

And that’s not all! Downtown Memphis has so many more museums showcasing our history that you can enjoy solo or with friends and family!

Amazing Development!

Downtown Memphis is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Over the past few years, Memphis has witnessed a surge in development, blending the old with the new. New residential complexes, commercial hubs, and recreational spaces are sprouting up, catering to the modern needs of its residents while preserving its unique character.

One of the most striking features of this development is the city’s commitment to art. Beautiful murals adorn the walls of buildings, turning the city into a vibrant canvas. These artworks not only beautify the urban landscape but also tell stories, reflect cultural diversity, and inspire creativity.

Memphis will continue to transform in the coming years, making your real estate purchase a positive investment.

Discover Which Memphis Neighborhood Is Right For You With JudyMac!

Memphis has so much to offer, and knowing which area will best suit your lifestyle and budget can be challenging. Fortunately, the JudyMac team has the experience to make selecting a property and moving easy and seamless. Contact Judy today on her cell at 901-277-5839 or email her at [email protected].

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