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the book depot - Historic Downtown Germantown

Location Spotlight: Germantown

Just outside of Memphis proper, the close-knit community of Germantown lies tucked into the quiet rolling hills of eastern Shelby County. Home to excellent public schools, large homes, and attractive neighborhoods, Germantown is consistently one of the most sought-after suburbs in the Memphis area for families looking for peaceful living that’s still close to downtown…

Memphis bridge over the Mississippi

Location Spotlight: East Memphis

The city of Memphis is a unique melting pot of people, places, and things that make it an exciting place to call home. Memphis is the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock n’ roll. And for those people that are not familiar with Memphis, there are usually two things that come to…

Collierville square

Location Spotlight: Collierville

Finding a town or neighborhood that offers everything you desire can be a challenge. Families want a safe and friendly place to raise their kids; young adults want places to hang out and shop as well as a sense of belonging in the community. Some people like the suburban life but don’t necessarily want to…


Why is No One Selling?

There isn’t anything more disappointing than putting your lovely home on the market and getting few offers or maybe none at all! There’s an emotional attachment you have to your home: it may be where your family began or where you’ve grown up. And especially in Memphis, all that has been talked about in the…

Hollybrook Home

5 Tips to Selling Your Home at Maximum Value

So you’re thinking about selling your home, but you’re worried you don’t have the time to get it ready for showing to potential buyers? While we understand that you’re busy, putting just a little extra effort into getting your home ready to show can be the difference between a potential buyer making an average offer…

Judy Mac

Introducing the NEW!

The JudyMac Team is excited to announce our newly redesigned website! We know that home buying and selling can be frustrating – but it doesn’t have to be! You have way too much going on to waste your time trying to find your way around a difficult to navigate website. Interested in seeing the homes…