The Best High Tech Products for Your Home

Finding the house of your dreams with the JudyMac Real Estate Team of Crye-Leike Realtors is half the battle of creating a home, but turning it into the oasis you’ve always wanted may take some work. While the process may be far more than just filling your home with furniture, a little luxury never hurt anyone! 

Searching for the best high-tech products for your home and placing them around your kitchen, living room, and bedroom is the 21st-century equivalent of bringing home bread, salt, and wine to christen your new space. Give yourself the modern housewarming you deserve with JudyMac’s list of favorite high-tech products you won’t want to live without. 

Roborock S7 MaxV Series Automatic Vacuuming & Mopping Technology

Since the days of stiff stick brooms, humans have been obsessed with keeping their floors clean with whatever tools they had at their disposal. Thankfully, Roborock has brought us out of the dark ages of cleaning with this automated vacuum cleaner and built-in mopping technology. 

This little robot will automatically clean your floors for hours every day, leaving you without a crumb to spare. With obstacle avoidance and its own charging dock, this automated cleaning system knows when to return to charge itself or empty the dust bin and water supply. 

So name it, put googly eyes on it, and call it your newest pet – because the Roborock S7 MaxV Series is man’s modern best friend. 

Aroma 360 - Van Gogh 360

HVAC Home Scent Diffuser

There’s nothing like walking into a fancy hotel and quite literally smelling the elegance. With the Van Gogh 360, every guest who walks into your home will get that same experience.

This home diffuser attaches directly to your HVAC system to give you 1,800 square feet of cool, scented air throughout each room. With a programmable schedule, you can automate when your Aroma 360 turns on and off for the optimal scent-boosting technology, no candles required. 

Ring Home Security Camera

Keeping your family and home safe is your top priority, and there’s no better way to protect them than with the Ring home security system. By posting cameras around the vicinity, you can keep track of the comings and goings on your property in real-time from wherever you are through the app. Ring’s motion-sensing technology is smart enough to differentiate between animals and people, so you only get alerts when there is a serious threat. 

Feel safe knowing the Ring security system is always keeping an eye out for you, 24/7, seven days a week. 

Make Yourself at Home

Your home is your haven, your resting place, and your very own personal kingdom, so you should treat it as such! The JudyMac Team of real estate professional is always looking for ways to make life in the home easier, and these high-tech products do just that.

No matter where you are in the real estate process, Judy McLellan is your go-to expert. With over 2,500 sales under her belt, she’s got the experience it takes to give you the guidance you deserve.  If you’re looking to buy or sell, contact our team, and we’ll get started today.

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